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A message from our partner Urban League Middle Tennessee for Juneteenth 2020

Two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, and delivered news to the last group of enslaved African Americans that they were free.

Since that day, Juneteenth has been a celebration of liberty for those who endured bondage and their descendants. Today, I join in commemorating this joyful occasion while also reflecting on the enduring and painful legacies of slavery and segregation.

Even 155 years later, America continues to grapple with the difficult truth that the work of emancipation will not be finished until African Americans can experience the full security promised by our Declaration of Independence: that of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

With cries for reform and change echoing across this land in the aftermath of horrific killings by police of African Americans, we are faced with the harrowing reality that African Americans continue to be denied these basic rights and freedoms.

As our city, state and nation works to overcome the challenge of COVID-19, racial disparities in infections, treatment, and fatalities have exposed in full the terrible consequences of long-term inequalities in health care, criminal justice, economic opportunity, housing, education, and other areas of life.

We must not leave the work of emancipation and civil rights unfinished, and on Juneteenth, we honor those who have fought and sacrificed for freedom while recommitting ourselves to continuing their work in our own day.

Happy Juneteenth!

Clifton Harris
President & CEO

Give Black, Give Back’s Juneteenth 2020
Inspiration from Black Philanthropists

Give Black, Give Back’s Kia Jarmon and Lisa Swift-Young hosted a Facebook Live in celebration of #Juneteenth. We heard stories from guests Isaac Addae, Eric Brown, Audra Cox, Joy Weiss, and JC Gordon highlighting the Nashville Black community’s commitment to giving – both in time and treasures.

We are thankful for our Give Black, Give Back advisory committee Eric Brown, Mr. Ron Corbin, Mrs. Barbara Gray, Brandon Hill, Kia Jarmon, Jennifer Oldham, Lisa Swift-Young, and Antonio Young. Thanks to Audra Cox for leading the Give Black, Give Back initiative for CFMT.


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